Our Podcast with Medium At Large!!

We were so honored to sit down with Medium Julie MacDonald on the last full moon!! What did she want us to talk about???? Everything under the sun. We broke down the word witch, fear, racism, rape culture and soon much more! We talked about all things witchy including the role of the witch as healer, community organizer, activist. We are sharing some powerful love and fierceness right here ! And y’all know – you just never KNOW where we are going to land on Medium at Large Medium at Large

Click here to listen http://www.mediumjuliemacdonald.com/medium-at-large-with-host-julie-macdonald-black-witch-chronicles/

11205559_478359049005098_2115884223131701713_nCheck it out here

Lookout Dorothy I’m Heading to Kansas!


crazy day – i wasn’t going to even go to the harlem book fair today cause it was pouring when i woke up. then i decided to get up and go. i was not planning on entering anything because i’ve never competed before. but someone came and got me and told me to go onstage/ i tried to hide from her when i saw her coming to get me…. in fact , the contest was supposed to be over…but then my friend said we have one more poet…so i got up and read….never know what the universe has in store…now I’m part of the nyc team and we’re heading to Kansas for the National Open Mouth Poetry Bout!!!

Black Witch Chronicles – Queering the Spirit Work: A Glance at Sexuality and Gender in Spirit Work with special guest, Alexis Pauline Gumbs!!!!

Shamanically speaking…. Many nature gatekeepers are so tapped into actual entities and experiences in other dimensions that their “human” incarnate expression reflects that multiplicity and fluidity of awareness. Therefore, binary realities are not natural expressions for some who travel through the veils. The colonization and suppression of our Indiginous practices has tried to erase our memories of who we really are and divide us into categories that promote dissonance within the global village structures. Join LaKeesha Harris, Dr. G. Love and Zoe Flowers of Black Witch Chronicles and special guest Alexis Pauline Gumbs as they reach down into their roots and raise an awareness and understanding of the divine purpose of our Prizmatic village members and the role of those seeking to be aspiring allies to the Prizmatic village.

#BlackLivesMatter Unless Unless Unless…….


a transwomyn of color
a sex worker
a stripper
a substance abuser
a black women
an opinion / at the “wrong” place/at the wrong time/wearing the wrong outfit/at the wrong party/in the wrong car/in the wrong neighborhood/in the wrong part of town
black women
happens to be
a relative
a police officer
a preacher/pastor/deacon/usher board

Directions For The Brave: God, Sex, War & The Girl

This week I got together with my uber talented friends to shoot some pics for my upcoming poetry and picture book,

                            Directions For The Brave: God, Sex, War & The Girl                                                         I’m venturing into the world of adding images to my words……and everyone stepped in to help bring my  vision to life!! Here’s a few moments and  some behind  the scenes footage from our time together!!! If it looks like I had fun…..It was                               

Models Zoe Flowers & Rich Bones, Photography Sherri Pullum, Makeup Azua Echevarria, Videographer Kori Rashon, Production Assistant Vesta Walker

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Caught on Tape-Literally

I recently sat down with Kori Raishon to talk about my work, spiritual practices and of course Black Witch Chronicles!!!  Check out our conversation and the behind the scenes VIDEO of the BWC photshoot we did with the uber talented Fabiola JL Photography and my sister witches Keesha Harris and Dr. Gee Love.

You can also listen to the full interview Here: https://soundcloud.com/full5mediagrou…

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Video Credits
Models: Zoe Flowers, Geryll Robinson aka Dr. G. Love, Lakeesha Harris
Costume Design/construction: Fabiola JL
Make-up: Azua Echevarria
Assistants: Debora Conton, Mallisa Pansa-ad, & Azua Echevarria
Video Production: Kori Raisin

Black Witch Chronicles: Full Moon in Sagittarius: Protection, Guidance and Opening The Doors To Hidden Knowledge

We brought it tonight! yoni eggs, the role of transgender folks in our evolution and proactive protection mechanisms. We will see you again at the next full moon on July 2nd!!

Full moon in Sagittarius 2015 challenges us by opening doors of deeply rooted and hidden knowledge. This month Keesha Harris, Zoe Flowers and Dr. G. Love of http://www.blackwitchchronicles.com invoke the spirits of Protection and Guidance.
Awakening to new wisdom is exciting AND it can at times, feel very disruptive and even traumatic inside our day to day living. Having practices in place to allow full integration of any and all uploaded wisdom is crucial to maintaining our mental, emotional, psychic and physical health. In this rapidly shifting social consciousness how do we protect ourselves from seen and unseen enemies? Awakening to our ancestral connection and power can create turmoil as we experience energies ranging from ecstasy, peace and joy to skepticism, fear, and rage, inside ourselves and within our communities.

This patterned resistance to “new” information can cause us to fall into patterns of pathologizing ourselves and others on the sometimes confusing road to Wholeness and Truth. This month we channel guidance about developing a practice dedicated to asking for protection and CLEAR guidance from our ancestors and guides as we awaken fully and co-create channels that serve our intentions of liberation and planetary evolution.