Caught on Tape-Literally

I recently sat down with Kori Raishon to talk about my work, spiritual practices and of course Black Witch Chronicles!!!  Check out our conversation and the behind the scenes VIDEO of the BWC photshoot we did with the uber talented Fabiola JL Photography and my sister witches Keesha Harris and Dr. Gee Love.

You can also listen to the full interview Here:…

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Video Credits
Models: Zoe Flowers, Geryll Robinson aka Dr. G. Love, Lakeesha Harris
Costume Design/construction: Fabiola JL
Make-up: Azua Echevarria
Assistants: Debora Conton, Mallisa Pansa-ad, & Azua Echevarria
Video Production: Kori Raisin

Black Witch Chronicles: Full Moon in Sagittarius: Protection, Guidance and Opening The Doors To Hidden Knowledge

We brought it tonight! yoni eggs, the role of transgender folks in our evolution and proactive protection mechanisms. We will see you again at the next full moon on July 2nd!!

Full moon in Sagittarius 2015 challenges us by opening doors of deeply rooted and hidden knowledge. This month Keesha Harris, Zoe Flowers and Dr. G. Love of invoke the spirits of Protection and Guidance.
Awakening to new wisdom is exciting AND it can at times, feel very disruptive and even traumatic inside our day to day living. Having practices in place to allow full integration of any and all uploaded wisdom is crucial to maintaining our mental, emotional, psychic and physical health. In this rapidly shifting social consciousness how do we protect ourselves from seen and unseen enemies? Awakening to our ancestral connection and power can create turmoil as we experience energies ranging from ecstasy, peace and joy to skepticism, fear, and rage, inside ourselves and within our communities.

This patterned resistance to “new” information can cause us to fall into patterns of pathologizing ourselves and others on the sometimes confusing road to Wholeness and Truth. This month we channel guidance about developing a practice dedicated to asking for protection and CLEAR guidance from our ancestors and guides as we awaken fully and co-create channels that serve our intentions of liberation and planetary evolution.


Black Witch Chronicles Healing In A Time of Now: Healing Under Siege

Streamed live on May 3, 2015
You’ve seen the pics by the ethereal @fabiolajeanlouis!!!! Now check out Dr. G. Love, Lakeesha J. Harris and Zoe Flowers tonight!!! Topics on deck: How do communities under siege create radical justice healing spaces in service to our ongoing liberation movements? How do we maintain our momentum in the global actions happening in #Baltimore #Ferguson #California and beyond? Harnessing the power of tonight’s #Fullmooninscorpio! Join us tonight 11pm est.! #blacklivesmatter #blackmentalhealth #canablackwitchlive #blackwitchchronicles

Black Witch Chronicles Live From Brooklyn 2015!!

Published on Apr 15, 2015
Check out this live taping of the #BlackWitchChronicles Zoe Flowers, Dr. Gee Love and Lakeesha Harris gathered in Brooklyn New York to spread knowledge and healing!!! We even have a live audience. #BlackWitchChronicles #Canablackwitchlive #BlackWitchNation !!
Black Witch Chronicles -problematic prismatic disrupter of colonial patterned frequencies in our collective consciousness and beyond.

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The Black Witch Chronicles – Shifting into 2015: Living, With Clarity, Our Collective Purpose

Streamed live on Dec 22, 2014
We, the Black Witches, acknowledge that 2014 has been beyond trying, especially for Black people existing in America. We’ll discuss this and ways that you can cut, clear, and shift into your new year with clarity, vision, and ease. For more information contact Lakeesha J. Harris at ; Dr. G. Love at; Zoe Flowers at #BlackLivesMatter

The Black Witch Chronicles – Throw It Away

Streamed live on Jan 27, 2015
As activist, healers and those who work in community we often take on energy that doesn’t serve us or low density energy of those around us. We’ll discuss how to rid yourself of that energy and how to let go of mechanisms and styles that have served you in the past that no longer serve you.

My first episode of The Black Witch Chronicles

Streamed live on Sep 8, 2014
Full Moon in Pisces providing us with the healing power and stability necessary to pull back the layers so that we can heal and love. Zoe Flowers, Lakeesha Harris, and Dr. G. Love break it down at full moon brightness. Secrets are dredged up in relationship to our vaginal and sexual health and safety in a toxic environment. It’s time to conjur, and break the spell. Closing Poetry by Zoe Flowers.

Black Witch Chronicles Pilot

Here’s the pilot! I joined them  a few months later as a guest and was asked to be a permanent part of the show !

Streamed live on Jun 19, 2014

Lakeesha Harris of Sojourner’s Healing Room and Dr. Geryll Robinson of Five Directions Wellness discuss land/body reclamation and healing..

Follow Lakeesha on Twitter: @sojournerheals and visit her website at: